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Some individuals withAlzheimer’s had a head circumference greater than those who were unaf-fected, some smaller, and others the same size, but on average the circumferencewas smaller. It is important to emphasize thatthese are unique noun stems, obtained in spon-taneous utterances

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Four of our abandoned babies have new moms just in time for Christmas! What better gift could we give them at this time of giving. Adoptions at Neema are some of the best things we do! We love them. We have had 32 of them!! It has always been our policy that no baby belongs in an orphanage.

In the last few weeks we have had two babies leave Neema with their new families and two more will leave in the next few days. That is pretty exciting and what an awesome Christmas present for them.

Little Brim above was abandoned outside a market place in Arusha. When he was brought to Neema the nannies got to name him. We are never sure exactly how old our abandoned babies are but we thought Brim was about 7 weeks old. At 9 months now he has a wonderful new mom and dad from Dares Salaam. His new mom came and spent a few days with us while Brim got to know her. We like that. It was sweet to watch the bonding that took place and the love this couple now have for their new son.

They asked that we not use their picture. Brim never had a sponsor while he lived at Neema.

Sweet baby Bethany, one of our happiest babies with the biggest smiles was adopted by a local couple who have lived here in Arusha for years. She had been abandoned by her mother shortly after her birth in the hospital. Bethany’s new mom was our first women’s program director at Neema many years ago. She later started her own NGO and Matt and Kelly are now running that program for her. Little Bethany will have an exciting life with her new family in Arusha.

Two more babies to be adopted in the next few days.

Baby Jack Pape will be going to his new home in the next few days. He was abandoned in May at about one year old. His new mom is staying with us at Neema for a few days to get the baby used to her. She is bathing, changing, feeding him and getting him to sleep. We like that.

Sweet Little Jade, was abandoned outside a mosque and had set on the ground for a long time before people began to realize that no one was coming for her. She was maybe a year old and very tiny and undernourished. She is still such a little thing but is running all over the place now. She will be going to her new home in Dar in the next few days.

There was a Social Welfare worker who lived in Arusha a couple of years ago and was transferred to Dares Salaam. He sends all his prospective parents to Neema to get their babies because he says our babies are the fatest and healthiest. He is right they are!

Bless you for helping us care for these four little ones until the new moms God had planned for them could get here!

Dorris and Michael

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Yesterday our four Australian volunteers,

Sam, Alex, Tara and Jess along with Mariya our MAP coordinator and Safina and Ema went to Joshua’s Maasai village to take Joshua home for Christmas.

We loved seeing the pictures they took of how excited the family was to see Joshua. As the car pulled up Joshua ran across the dirt path as fast as his little legs would go to his grandfather and grandmother while others from the village ran to see him as well. You can see this sweet homecoming on the video link below. It is worth a look.

They all grabbed him and hugged him while grandmother cried and cried. The four Aussies said it was one of the best things they got to do while at Neema. Thanks for the great pictures guys!

I always love seeing the bright colors of the Maasai clothes. In a brown and dusty land they are like brightly colored birds flitting through the trees. You can also see behind the women the way this family has decorated their home in the mud plaster outside.

Below it looks like Bibi has made a new purple outfit. They love reds, blues and purples. Beautiful!!

Joshua has been in preschool at Neema since August learning Swahili and English. He is living with Safina at her home. He has done really well at school and learning his colors. When he first came to us in August he could not speak Swahili or English, only Maasai. He spent the first couple of weeks wandering around confused and not being able to communicate with anyone. Now he runs to you, gives great hugs and talks all the time in a mixture of Swahili and Maasai with a little English thrown in. Below is Joshua in front of the family kitchen and wearing one of the new outfits from America.

His father who never got to go to school wanted his boy to have an education but there were no schools available for him in his area. Many Maasai children do not go to school. As you drive out to the villages you can see young boys, sometimes as young as five or six, watching their cattle. That is their life.

Joshua’s mom had died at his birth and Jacobo, his father, had brought him to Neema when he was just a few days old. He saved his life by doing that. Without clean water, medical care, electricity or formula, nine out of ten of these babies will die. Below are eight of our toddlers who are Maasai and their mothers died in childbirth. Back left: Maria, Saruni, Nengai, Sharon. Front left: Joeli, Osiligi, Jackson and Zawadi.

Joshua lived with us for 2 years before his dad remarried and he was able to return home.

We brought him to town in August a year later and moved him in with Safina, our volunteeer cook who speaks perfect English. Joshua comes to work with her and attends our preschool. He is a little behind our other children in class but he will catch up. We are so happy to be able to do this for this beautiful family.

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Thank you for helping us.

Dorris and Michael

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Neema Village Image

Michael and Mr. Chandu inspect the new Chicken House above.

We were excited to return to Neema Village last week and find the gardens are growing, the cow is giving milk, the Mothering Center is being painted, the chicken coop is finished and the babies are getting big!

Neema Village Image

Bekah, Maria, the Volunteers and the babies on the way to church.

Yesterday we dressed seven of the babies up for church in cute dresses that we had brought in one of our nine suitcases this trip. A couple from Belton, Texas had donated 20 handmade dresses. They were so cute!

Neema Village Image

Nengai, Maria, Patricia, Destiny, Kristina, Sharon and Zawadi

With the recent rains everything is green and beautiful and we are eating fresh vegetables from the gardens.

Neema Village Image

Mo, one of our little abandoned fellows that we have had since his birth, is pretty excited about picking his first carrot which he got to wash and eat on the spot.

That is kale, above, growing next to the Blessing House. The nannies saute it with onions, grated carrots and butter from our cow. Mmmm delicious.

The baby home pictured above was built with cement blocks and a tin roof for $24 a sq foot, but still incredibly beautiful.

We continue to hear from surprised visitors that we are not your normal African orphanage. Yes, we are definitely not a “dirt floor orphanage.” The children are well dressed, fat and happy, the home is clean and there is laughter everywhere.

It is The Happy Place. Just ask our toddlers in the cute video link below.

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Have a happy day!
Michael and Dorris