Babies, Chickens and Cows

From new babies, to cows, chickens and vegetable gardens, it has been a busy month at Neema. You might say, so, what’s new! Right, that seems to be life at Neema. As a busy baby home with more than 40 abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies it is always busy! And Loud! And Messy! And Wonderful!

Abasi, above one of our little babies had to have surgery this month. Bekah noticed that his head kept swelling and took him to the doctor. He was diagnosed with hydrocephalous and had to have a shunt put in his head. He is doing great now. Thank you for your prayers for this precious little boy.

The vegetable garden just below the big kids playground is producing like crazy. With all the rain we have had loads of vegetables like the cucumbers and greens our big kids are picking in the photo above. If you have a good recipe for pickles let me know!

Mariya and her interpreter Fridah are visiting with a widow in our MAP program in the picture above.  Many widows in Africa are displaced once their husband dies. They lose protection, financial support and many times even their property.  This widow is wanting to buy a milk cow.

Michael and I bought a milk cow for an orphanage one year for Christmas for our grandkids. They loved it. If you are having trouble getting that list done you might consider getting a cow. They are a little hard to wrap but quite fun to give!!

A Little Business from the Executive Directors

We have recently heard of two families who thought they were sponsoring a baby at Neema Village. They were not!  Neema Village was formerly called Neema House. Our 501c3 registered non profit in the US is still listed as Neema House Inc in Temple, Texas (not Tennessee). We have filed a DBA doing business as Neema Village. Since Neema means Grace there are many homes, schools, hospitals and orphanages operating as Neema in East Africa. But we continue to hear that someone has been donating to the wrong Neema!! Among the others there is a Neema House in Geita, Tanzania and a Neema House in Kenya. Those are not us!!

We need and appreciate every gift to our Neema so please let us know if you have been donating to the wrong one. They are nice people and will send it on!

If you donate on our website or on our Facebook page those donate buttons always come to us. But if you just type in Neema House on your web browser you will most likely get the wrong one!! Type in Neema Village and you will always get us. Bless You!  We could not do this important work without you.

Go to for more information.

Great Smile Katie from Atlanta Georgia!

Before you shop for Christmas be sure you SMILE! Amazon will pay Neema .05% when you shop with Amazon Smile. But you must go to Amazon Smile. Go to and choose “Neema Village” as your charity and shop with a Smile!.

May your Thanksgiving Holiday give you lots of Smiles!

Michael and Dorris