Some Days Are Like That

Some Days Are Like That

Since I normally tell you about the exciting things that happen at Neema Baby Home, I thought you might want to know that most days are just pretty normal around here.  Well, as normal as normal can be in a house with thirty plus babies!  This morning I am sitting at my computer and it is time for the 7:30 am shift change.  The nannies are yelling greetings to each other as the day shift comes in and the night shift leaves out.  The babies are either screaming for their new nanny coming in or crying because their night shift nanny is leaving.  To be quite honest it is bedlam.   There are
days when you want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over your head!  Some days are like that even in Africa.

A few photos from our normal day at Neema House

One of the highlights of the past couple of weeks has been the triplet girls going home.  We have had these babzmies since they were two and three pounds.  

July 2012, Michael with 2.5 lb Deborah, 1 day old.

  They were just a few hours old when the hospital called and asked Neema if we would take them.  Babies that small out in the villages would not survive and mothers who are generally malnourished themselves would not have enough milk to feed three babies.  Babu (grandfather Michael) got a bit emotional when the car pulled out with those three little girls and their mom.


Michael and Dorris with theTriplets, Esther, Anna, Deborah, their mom and sister

Kenzie with triplets, their mom, in front of cow pen.We have been out to check on them and they are doing great.  Actually they did not want to come to us, they all three wanted their mom to hold them and as big as they are now that was quite a handful for her. 

Neema is committed to supplying these girls their milk for another year.  They have a bull but not a milk cow so we are going to find a good milk cow for them.  We have already raised about $275 for the cow from our Facebook friends.  Godlove says he can find a milk cow for about $400, that is if he goes by himself.   If we go with him we will get the special Mzungu price which would be double that!

We have received two new babies in the last few weeks, one a tiny little five pound baby girl abandoned on the street and brought to the hospital.

Mohammed, left, and Rose June, right


He has a perfect little face and lots of dark hair.  Her name is Rose June.  The other baby is from a Muslim family, his name is Mohammed and he is huge.  His mother died at his birth, which is always so sad for us as we watch these dads with their newborn babies that they must now leave in a stranger’s care and go home without a wife or a baby.   We are hoping he will be one of the good dads that come every week to see this little one.

We have had some great volunteers this summer and the only bad thing about having great volunteers at Neema is they have to leave!  Over the past two years of operation at Neema we have had volunteers from countries like Sweden, Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Scotland, Dubai,  Canada, Colombia, The US and others.  Nine wonderful volunteers have come and gone so far this summer.  They have fed, changed, held, doctored and loved the babies and then had to go home.  We miss yall!!

Photos of some of our great volunteers Summer 2014
More photos of volunteers!<

 Here is a link to a youtube video a German Volunteer, Tajana made recently.  It’s is super good!

**For those of you wondering what has happened to our blog on the Neema website, “Go Daddy” our web host, decided to get out of the blogging business and deleted them!!  We have managed to save the script, not the pictures, from the most recent blogs.  If anyone has a file with the older blogs, please let us know.  We would love to have a copy.


Grace to all,
Dorris Fortson