Dr. Sue Hamby Speaks about Neema House


When you are making your Christmas list please remember Neema House Arusha. Just $25 will help us buy 80 lb. cement blocks which we are using to build the new baby home.

IMG_9268Neema Village (AKA) Neema House Arusha is building a home for the 43 abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies who currently live in the rescue center in Arusha, Tanzania.To buy a brick please go to www.neemavillage.org

montanaand click on “Sponsor a baby/Donate” at the top. On the purpose line write “Buy a Brick.” We will even put your name on a plaque in the Welcome Center at the new baby home!

babyhome7Joel rezizedNew Baby Joel says “Thank You!”
Dr. Sue Hamby, Neema Board Member writes:
Neema Village, a home for abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies in Tanzania needs your help. As many of you know, Neema is in the process of building a 60 bed baby home as well as a widow’s cottage, and a cottage for unadoptable children. James 1:27
Frankie cropped resizedYou may wonder why we are building this 60 bed home. Originally Neema was going to keep 30 babies but we have known for a long time that we would have to expand.  As of today we have 43 babies in our rented home in Arusha. A total of 87 babies have come through the center in three and half years. It is impossible to say no when a baby has been abandoned or lost his mother and many of these babies would not have survived without Neema House Arusha.   You also may wonder why build a cottage for older children since many babies are adopted out? Unfortunately, some of the Neema babies have disabilities so they have little opportunity to be adopted. Therefore, Neema plans to provide a loving home and the best education possible for these children. We believe these little ones like Frankie will be the leaders in their community someday.   The widow’s home is an exciting part of our vision. Widows in Tanzania are often outcast. Thanks to the generosity of a young widow from Georgetown and her father that home has been completely funded. However, we are still lacking money to complete the baby home and home for unadoptable children. Because of this, we are launching a “Buy a Brick” program to help fund the completion of the buildings. We are asking those with a special interest in Neema to consider buying a commemorative brick that will make a difference in the lives of many children in the future in Tanzania.
We know you have probably given in the past and may be currently giving and we really appreciate it. However we need to finish these buildings so we are asking that you pray about it and consider buying a brick for $25 to help us complete the Neema Village project. You can buy a brick for yourself or for someone else, to commemorate a special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas or in memory of a loved one. When you don’t know what to buy a family member for Christmas, buy them a brick! Your name or the name that you designate will be placed on a plaque in the welcome center in the new baby home.
Since Neema relies on the generosity of individuals like you, we are writing this letter to ask you to consider buying a brick or making a donation to the Building Fund.  Please share this request with your church and your friends.
We hope that you will help us complete this worthwhile project. Thank you in advance for your generosity.
May God richly bless you and your family.
Dr. Sue Hamby, Neema Village Board Member, Secretary
(Go to the www.neemavillage.org donate button to buy a brick. If it is a gift write on purpose line “Brick in honor of…” )