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How do Sponsorships of Neema Babies work?

I am so glad you asked! I’ve been wanting to explain how sponsorships work at Neema House Arusha. After almost four years in operation we are still learning how to run this busy baby home and best serve the abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies God has put in our care in Africa. We are also very conscious of being good stewards and using your money wisely.


We have now cared for 106 babies since we opened the door to Neema four years ago! People frequently ask, how do you keep this going? By God’s Neema (Grace)! The only answer is God’s Amazing Grace.  He touches the hearts of good people like you to help and we are extremely grateful. Neema is supported by individual sponsorships of babies, much like Compassion International.

Monthly sponsorships of the babies pay the monthly bills to care for the babies. You might be interested to know that Sarah Lockett, our incredible bookkeeper, who works free of charge I might add, has separate accounts so that sponsorship money does not go into building funds or tractor funds, or other funds but goes into the monthly operating expenses to care for the babies. That pays for formula, rent, nanny salaries, petrol, food, medical, utilities, lights, and water.  That is Sarah, a nurse from Waco, Tx in the picture kissing the baby.  The baby Sarah, who was named for her, has been adopted by a wonderful family who moved to Italy after her adoption. 

 Only our forty Tanzanian staff are paid from Neema sponsorships.   

You can see our monthly expenses on the website order provigil. We are also pretty excited that an outside audit which we requested will be finished in a few weeks.

We also want you to know that we are always looking for ways to save money.  In an effort to cut down on buying so much expensive canned formula, our cooks buy, boil and process 30 liters of fresh cow’s milk every day! It takes a huge pan on the stove to process that much milk! Kelly found a recipe for baby formula using fresh cow’s milk.

Bek feedingSo once the babies are 6 months old they are switched to the new recipe which we make in our kitchen at Neema. It takes a lot of milk plus lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to get our babies to look like the healthy little Neemaities you see when you visit Neema.  With our nannies and volunteers giving lots of TLC, these babies go from the tiny little one Bec Azzopardie from Australia is feeding to healthy little girls like Sharon and Maria pictured below.

We spoke at a business class at ACU this week and we asked the students after the video what they noticed that was different from other pictures of orphanages in Africa they had seen in the past. They were quick to respond that our babies look healthy, clean, chubby and happy, like Sharon and Maria.

 I have been asked why we feed the babies things like a fruit smoothie, (which they get every afternoon at 4pm), and which they will not get when they go back home to their village. My answer? They eat a very unhealthy diet out in the villages why would we want to feed them that? When we send our babies home they will go home with all their brain cells intact and be curious, energetic, healthy little children. How could we do less for them?

When we move to Neema Village we will have our own cows and chickens and grow our own vegetables. Our landscape and gardens manager, Julius, ( pictured to the left) has already planted banana trees, corn, squash and beans at Neema.

Without the $1,200 a month rent for the current baby home and the $600 a month rent for the volunteer house and with growing our own vegetables and milk and eggs we should be able to save money when we move to Neema Village.

So, now that you know how we spend your money, how do sponsorships work? Many people begin sponsoring Neema babies at $30 dollars per month. With babies you surely understand that $30 does not cover the cost of keeping these babies! At $30 a month it takes ten or more sponsors to completely pay the costs of keeping a baby at Neema.

We arrive at the sponsorship cost by taking the month’s operating costs divided by how many babies we have that month. Last year it averaged between $300 and $388 per month depending on medical costs for the babies that month. In January we had three preemies, like Loitapuaki, in Intensive Care. Four million shillings in hospital bills for one month can blow a hole in our budget!   We have learned that sponsorships is an ever changing thing! Credit cards expire, sponsors drop out, new sponsors come in, new babies arrive and other babies get adopted each month.   It changes every month!  

We have never had all our babies fully sponsored, the most babies we have had fully sponsored for one month was eleven.  Many of the babies have lived at Neema for two to three years and gone home without ever having had a single sponsor.  Some babies are sponsored at $150, $100, or $50 per month. But most of our sponsorships are for $30 per month. We don’t mind that since it gives us a broad base of support so when one person drops out we don’t get too upset.  

We debated long and hard over whether we should let one baby be over sponsored. Should we tell a new potential sponsor, No, that baby is already taken, chose another baby?   Some potential sponsors have a connection such as “My son’s name is John so I want to sponsor John.” So we decided the babies who have more sponsorship money could help cover the cost of the babies who have no sponsors.  Thank God we have three babies who are “over sponsored” today. They help us take care of the ones who have no sponsors.   Beautiful Saruni, pictured above, is one of our new babies this year. 

When you sponsor a specific baby and that baby is adopted or able to return home then we always hope you will continue sponsoring and chose another baby.  There are two great Neema sponsors who are on their third baby!  They get excited every time they get a new baby.

We do have people sponsoring an “undesignated baby.”  That means they chose to “Sponsor the Neema babies” as a group   So the picture on their fridge would be of a group of babies, not one specific baby. 

babieson mattsTo sponsor a baby, go to the web site order provigil online overnight delivery, click on “See Neema Babies” read their stories and choose one. Sometimes it is hard to choose one. Our granddaughter cried when she had to choose one baby because it made her sad to think of the ones she couldn’t choose.

 Now to the problem of how we can get updates and pictures of your sponsored baby to you. Without an administrative staff, correspondence with sponsors has become a huge challenge for me. Thankfully Kim White, our daughter and a board member of Neema (pictured below), asked if she could take on that project.

Kim plans to send sponsors updates on the babies quarterly by email. She has color coordinated lists of babies, birthdays and sponsors, to know when to send updates.  She also has designed a link so with a click you will soon be able to go right to a photo album for your baby!  It is pretty cool and in this age of instant messaging it is quite an advance for us. We hope you enjoy it.

So in a very large nutshell, (sorry for the extra long blog) that is how sponsoring a baby at Neema works.  Very few things in life give you that warm feeling in your heart like caring for those who desperately need your help!

Isaiah 58:10   “If you make sure that the hungry and oppressed have all that they need, then your light will shine in the darkness, and even your bleakest moments will be bright as a clear day. The Eternal One will never leave you, He will lead you in the way that you should go. When you feel dried up and worthless, God will nourish you and give you strength. And you will grow like a garden lovingly tended, you will be like a spring whose water never runs out.” The Voice
Bless those of you already helping.  May your light shine in the darkness.
Michael and Dorris

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Controlled Chaos!

We reached the fiftieth baby under our roof at Neema this month.  It gives new meaning to the term “Controlled Chaos!”  I thought you might like to meet all the new babies at Neema.

 Imran is saying Hi!  He was about two and half pounds when brought to Neema.  His mom had died and he was not expected to live.  But the latest news from Neema is that Imran now has a double chin.  Praise God!


Newborn Carol Ann was abandoned in February.  She is such a little sweetheart. We pray there will be a good family to step forward to adopt her.  We work with Social Welfare on the adoptions and they generally give about six months for a member of the family to claim the baby.  If no one comes forward then the baby is put up for adoption.  Neema has now had 21 adoptions!  Neither Social Welfare nor Neema accept money for adoptions. 

   Saruni is a Masaai baby whose mom died at his birth.  His father brought him into town to Neema.  Many of these dads have no income and cannot afford expensive formula.  There is also no electricity for refrigeration out in the villages and no clean water.  We can help supply those things for the dad in his home and do quite often but if there is no one to care for the baby at home then we take them in at Neema.  Saruni will go back home when he is stable, off the bottle and his dad has remarried.  He is such a beautiful baby. 

Cuddly little Russell was about 7 or 8 weeks old when he was left abandoned.  He was healthy and looked like he had been well cared for.  We have no idea why someone who obviously loved him would then abandon him.  If we can locate moms like baby Rusty’s mom and get them into the MAP program at Neema maybe we can offer them a better way.  Stay tuned for more news about the MAP program (Mothers Against Poverty).

Osiligi also lost his mother in childbirth.  That is such a common occurrence out in the Masai villages where there is little medical care.  Osi is normally a very smiley baby but looks a bit worried here. We would love to tell him not to worry, that we are working constantly to be able to take care of him. 

Meet baby Ronald. This little guy was found abandoned by a river on the outskirts of Arusha.   Someone walking by heard him and called the police, who then referred him to Neema. He was born around the 28th of March, and is currently just over 2.5 kg and in good health.  He was named for a truly great man, Ronald Huddleston, a missionary doctor to Africa in the 1960s.  I would love to sit down and tell you some fun stories about the good ‘ole days with Dr. Ron and his wife Maxine in Africa when the lions still walked the corridors of the hospital where he worked in Chimala.  Maybe some day! But we were honored to be able to name this little guy for Dr. Ron. 

Emmanuel  Emmanuel means “God With Us.”  I love this little guy’s name and I love telling people that if God were not with us in this we would be lost.  To not only provide for the 106 babies who have now been cared for by Neema but to also have 40 full time Tanzanian employees and their families who rely on us for their income is way far above our heads.  Thank God it is not above His! 

We are not sure why the abandoned ones were fortunate enough to have been found before it was too late.  We know there are probably some who are not found in time.  It was almost too late for one of our babies, Innocent, who was found in an open pit latrine and the maggots were already growing in his ear.  I can’t go there to think about the ones not found.  We are here to help those we can.  All our babies are beautiful, funny, loving, cuddly, warm little guys that we are blessed to be able to administer God’s abundant Grace to them.  Thank you for being a part of this incredible work with us! 

Michael and Dorris Fortson, Neema Founders and Executive Directors

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Order Mother’s Day Flowers

Buy a Bougainvillea in honor of your mother for Mother’s Day at Neema Village

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Since Neema House Inc is a registered 501c3 nonprofit in the U.S. your gift is tax deductible. Just go to buy provigil modafinil online and click on the sponsor/donate button.   On the purpose line put “Buy flowers for my mother!”

Provide your email in the donate process and we will email you a gift certificate to give to your mom! Thank you so much for helping us make Neema beautiful!

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“Danny Boy”

Wearing nothing but a blue umbilical clamp, the newborn lay in the grass in the front yard throughout the long night. 

 How long he’d been there, we don’t know, long enough to have a red rash on his cheek where he must have rubbed the grass in the night looking for comfort, or nourishment or warmth.


After the police collected the baby from the home where he had been tossed, he was checked out at the hospital, deemed healthy and Neema House Arusha was called to come pick him up. 

We named him Daniel.  Once again as I tell his story, it breaks my heart.  How long had he cried throughout the night?  Was he cold? African nights can be cold in Arusha.  Did dogs or worse check him out in the dark?  He had been left with nothing, no note, no blanket, no diaper.  What would make a mother so desperate that she would lay a healthy baby boy down like that and walk away?  I must believe surely her mother’s heart was broken too. 

But love and goodness and hope has won again at Neema.  Danny, age 3 has been adopted! 

On a visit to Neema House Arusha, a surgeon and his wife from Dar es Salaam fell in love with this quiet, shy, little boy and Danny has now gone home to his forever family. 

Thank God he will never be tossed out again.

It’s what we do at Neema.  We love them until their new mom and dad can take over. 

Thank you to the three sisters from Texas who sponsored Danny while he lived at Neema.  Bless you!


On this Easter Sunday, 2016, when Hope has risen again, May this story of Neema’s Danny Boy bring Joy and Hope again to your heart!  

Michael and Dorris Fortson

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Third Annual Formula Fund Run

Benefitting Neema Village/Neema House Arusha
-A Rescue Center for Orphaned, Abandoned, and At-Risk Babies-
Arusha, Tanzania, East Africa

Dear Neema House Friends,

We are just one month away from our annual 5K Formula Fund Run, which helps purchase formula for the babies of Neema House. With forty

Registration Table 2014

-eight babies, we need a lot of formula and milk!


The Formula Fund Run will be held in Temple, TX, Saturday, April 23, at 8:30 a.m. at Pepper Creek Trail, 546 N Kegley Rd. 76502.

Registration is now open, so I urge you to click on this link and get signed up now:  buy nuvigil and provigil


It’s more fun with friends!
Every pre-registered runner will receive a T-Shirt, and we are holding off ordering the T-shirts until we have a count of the quantity and sizes we need. I want to encourage you to sign up for this 5K and support Neema House. Please mention our 5K to your runner friends, perhaps get a group, and have a fun day together. 
Even if you are unable to participate in this year’s 5K, you can still support it. Make a donation of at least $30, and we will send you a T-Shirt. You can donate at: buy provigil bulletproof
In the purpose blank, write “5K Donation and list the T-Shirt Size”


If you have questions, please send me an email at buy provigil by cephalon .  I hope to see you at the 5K on April 23.


God bless,


Michael Fortson, Founder
Neema House Arusha


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Shabani and the Ephalunt
So much of what our little Neemaites at Neema Baby Home do and say reminds me of our children when they were little.  Shabani loves to sing the Noah built the Ark song and get the “Ephalunt” into the Ark.  So cute and exactly how one of our boys used to pronounce the word elephant. We are back in the States for a few months and missing each one of those little forty eight bright eyed babies.
We had high hopes of moving to the new baby home this trip but that was not to be.  There is lots of work going on out at the new property, the widows home and shop are finished, the Montana House has a beautiful green roof now, the baby home is getting the roof on this week, the ground is being levelled for the UCare home, the laundry room  is going up and retaining walls are holding up the mountain around the building sites. 
It is a beehive of activity around the place, but it will more likely be June before we can move in now.   I might add that we are building on faith since most of these buildings are not completely paid for yet so if you want to help go to buy generic provigil canada.  
When you realize that almost all of the work is being done with handmade tools, ladders, scaffolds, etc, it is amazing that so much has been accomplished since last summer. 

  As we walk through the big hall down the middle of the new baby home, we see the homemade thrown together ladders and scaffolds and outside the African hoes that are being used to level the mountain side for a building site, metal rafters being cut by hand saw and wielded together on the property, 25 feet deep septic tanks dug by hand.  It is truly amazing.  What would take a tractor a couple of hours to level for a building site, takes a group of men days to level with an African h oe.  It is always humbling for us to see how hard these men and women work.
One of the most exciting things to happen this trip was the water well and finally getting the pipes laid from the well down in the banana grove up to the top of the property and into the holding tanks so it can flow down into the new buildings. 
 We had some great groups of volunteers this trip, I’ll not start naming them for fear I will leave one of those awesome groups out but the Montana Women getting the water pump put in at the
 triplets’s house had to be on the top of the list of fun things we did this trip.   The little triplet girls who came to Neema as tiny newborns were able to return to their home when they turned two years old last year.  The family was not growing crops because of lack of water but there was a beautiful river just below their property so the Montana women bought  a water pump which will now bring the water from the river up to the field.   The dad will also be able to use the water pump to make extra money by pumping water for his neighbors.  
 As part of the new Mothering Center coming soon to Neema, plans to start a program called MAP  “Mothers Against Poverty” designing micro finance business plans to help women be able to keep their babies is already underway.  Loaning one of the treadle sewing machines pictured above to a young entrepreneur was just the beginning of that program.   She hopes to be able to make enough money to buy her own treadle machine by the end of the year and will then return the machine so the next mom can use it. 
We had some neat bible classes taught by different volunteer groups this trip.  Joycie is quite proud of her stained glass cross she made in one of Kim’s classes.
Sweet baby girl Doris got to return home in March which makes 20 of our babies who have now been able to return home.  We have also had seventeen adoptions.  (Neema does not take money for adoptions.)  It has never been our plan to keep these babies, no baby belongs in an orphanage, so as soon as these little ones are stable and someone has been found to care for them at home then they return home.  It is always a big party day for us when one of the babies goes home.  I must say we will especially miss this little wrinkle nose, smiley girl we have had since the day of her birth. 
Lots of new babies came to Neema on this trip, five of them were preemies all under five pounds weight.  Three of the babies were in the hospital at the same time.   Rusty, an abandoned baby, was about seven weeks old when he came to Neema in February and Carol Ann a little abandoned baby girl came the first of March.
We are home in the States now for a couple of months and are available to tell what God is doing with this incredible Neema (Grace) Story of abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies in Africa to your church, a class, lions club or just a coffee group. Drop us an email and we’ll pack a bag. buy provigil cheap

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“A Snake Under My Bed.”
We have a donated DVD player and TV at Neema House Arusha in the big kid’s room and the Montana women (some pictured below)  
brought “Jungle Book” which the kids love. There is always lots of clapping and jumping up and down when we put on that movie. Their favorite scene in the movie is the elephant walk when Mowgli is trying to march like the elephants.
A few days ago one of the nannies brought little Joycie out to the foyer where I was sitting and feeding one of our little babies. The nanny said, “Joycie wants Babu to check under her bed for a snake.”
  “Really,” I said. Joycie with head down looking up through her eyelashes said “Nyoka kitanda.” So Babu Michael takes her hand and they walk down the hall to the back bedroom where she points under the bed in the corner. Michael gets on his knees and searches all around saying, “Ona, hakuna Nyoka, Joycie.”
(See there is no Snake). Finally Joycie was satisfied and ran off to play. She was sure Mowgli’s snake from the Jungle Book movie was under her bed. Little kids are just the same wherever they live aren’t they.
It was reminiscent of the time back in the 60s when the workers at the Chimala Hospital in Southern Tanzania, came to tell Michael there was a snake under the bed, but this time there really was! Michael, then 20 years old, (Yes, that’s him at 20 to the right) flipped out the knife he carried strapped to his ankle, stepped on the cobra and sliced its head off. At which the Africans ran out of the room howling!
But alas for those of you worried about encountering wild animals when you come to visit Neema, the goats who walk each morning down the dirt road in front of our house is about all the animals you will see when you come to big city of Arusha.
Colton Carney from Nacogdoches made it to Arusha and is now heading up Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa. Make it to the top, Colton!!
Colton will return from the climb next week and then spend 3 weeks volunteering at Neema.  He will be here when the group from Pepperdine University gets here.  That should be fun!  It will be just like old times at the Yellow House in Nacogdoches, having a lot of college kids around!
We have 49 babies at Neema now and 5 of them are teeny tiny little ones like the four pictured to the left.     One of the little ones is in the hospital in NICU and could use your prayers right now.  His name is Imran, pictured below with Bekah.  His mom died of AIDs and the doctor put him on the medicine for that which may have been too toxic for him.
Please be praying for this little guy.  He is 2 months old and barely weighs five pounds. 
And with 49 babies in the house please be praying for all of us!

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There are 48 babies and 2 mommas living at Neema House Arusha now. It gives new meaning to the term “Controlled Chaos.” Actually Kelly has revised schedules, bath times, and reorganized age groups, added more structured play times and changed rooms all in an effort to bring the noise level down.  Below is a beautiful picture of our new baby home going up out at Neema Village! 

Neema image for blog post

The New Baby Home is going up. How Exciting!

Neema image for blog post

Montana Home Roof Construction

We are in a holding pattern until the new building pictured above is finished and we can move out to Neema Village where we will have lots of room. You can still buy a brick too, just go to the web site buy provigil from uk

The roof is going on at the Montana House (above). This home will be full the day we open.

Three little preemies came to Neema during January, all of them under five pounds or 2.3 KG. Saruni, Loitapuaki, and Osiligi. Lets see who can say that three times!  Loi actually came back to Neema after a three week stay in intensive care at the hospital in December. All three are Masai babies whose moms died during or soon after childbirth. We lose so many of these moms out in the Masai villages.

Neema image for blog post

They still practice female circumcision when the girls are eight or nine years old and the resulting scarring causes trouble during childbirth. Without a clean blood supply and no medical attention, they just bleed to death. This hurts my heart.

But all three preemie babies are doing well and will go back home after they are stronger.

Neema image for blog post

Our newest baby, Russell or Rusty (below with volunteer Connie), was abandoned at the hospital and came to Neema last week. The hospital called and asked us to come pick him up. He is a little sweetheart and we will begin trying to find a new family for him as soon as possible.

Neema image for blog post

Connie and Russell

I went to the Masai market with some of our volunteers the other day and the family that had adopted our Christopher was there. It is the cutest family, they have two little blond headed girls of their own and now two little Tanzanian boys they have adopted. Christopher was running all over the place in the market. His mom said, “We just love him.” If you remember Chris had been abandoned on the side of the road and was covered with black dirt. Praise God this little boy will never be abandoned again.  I’m sure the people in the market were wondering why the Mzungu woman was walking around crying in the market. This heals my broken heart!

Neema image for blog post

Freda came for a visit

One of our other adopted babies, Freda came back for a visit with her mom this month.  She is holding Nuriath one of our new babies in the picture to the right.  Freda had been left on the road and the woman who found her ended up adopting her.
We have adopted out a number of babies by taking them to church, just like these four great volunteers, Jennifer, Connie, Connie and Nyx who were taking Pascal, Nengai, Benson and Zawadi to church.

Neema image for blog post

The wind generator is up at Neema Village! Thank you Touching Hearts! It was a bit scary trying to get everyone pulling the eight cable wires in the right directions and set up the forty foot pole with the 150 pound generator on top without dropping it. It is not producing electricity yet but will be as soon as we move out to the village.

Neema image for blog post

Wayne and Connie Burleson have been teaching sustainable farming techniques this month at Neema.  Below are a couple of pictures of our first women’s seminar “Growing Food God’s Way.”  Such fun, Thanks Wayne and Connie.  The class was taught at the beautiful, new “David and Lyndy Edwards and George and Dorothy Dawson” home out at Neema Village.

Neema image for blog post

Neema image for blog post

If you have not seen the video of Malikia dancing in the rain, you really must. It will make your day. Mali is blind and when it started to rain one day she decided to stay outside in the rain. Can you imagine how that must have felt for her to feel rain for the first time?

Click on the link below to see the video.

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May you find true joy in the simple things just like Mali dancing in the rain.


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buy provigil not generic            Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, 19341 ft.

  • Visit Tanzania’s World Famous Game Parks
  • Spend time visiting Neema House babies, “the least of these…”
  • Raise funds for Neema House Arusha, a rescue center for orphaned, abandoned and at-risk babies

Mount Kilimanjaro Charity Climb

Benefitting Neema Village/Neema House Arusha

Arusha Tanzania, East Africa

June 12 – 23, 2017

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   Water purifier

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Luxury Facilities

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     Dining Tent






Everlasting Tanzania Travels , will be our outfitter and guide for our eight day climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  This is a very experienced and professional company with ethical and medically trained guides, who have a high success rate for climbers of all ages completing the climb.  Their guides, porters, and cooks, who will be with us the whole way, begin every morning with singing and dancing!  A local expedition doctor will also accompany us free of charge.  As part of the experience, we will gather each evening to share our day and end with prayer.  Our Sunday on the climb will include a church service and communion.


  • Air Fare                                            $1800 (approximate)
  • Climbing Fees                                 $2000
  • Fundraiser for Neema House    $2000 (Suggested goal)
Itinerary    June, 2017
  • 12     Monday          Depart USA
  • 13     Tuesday          Arrive Tanzania, overnight at Ilboro Lodge  
  •  14     Wednesday    Travel to Moshi, Day 1 Climb  
  •  15     Thursday        Day 2 Climb  
  •  16     Friday              Day 3 Climb
  •  17     Saturday         Day 4 Climb
  •  18     Sunday            Day 5 Climb, Worship    
  •  19     Monday           Day 6 Climb  
  •  20     Tuesday           Day 7 Climb, Summit  
  •  21     Wednesday     Day 8, descend to base, overnight Ilboro Lodge
                                             Option 1                          Option 2                          Option 3***  
  •  22     Thursday        Visit Neema             Visit Neema                   Visit Neema                                                                                              Depart Tanzania
  •  23     Friday             Arrive Home              One day Safari*           Two Day Safari**
  •  24     Saturday                                              Visit Neema House                                                                                                                                                               Depart Tanzania
  •  25     Sunday                                                 Arrive Home                  Visit Neema                                                                                                                                                                         Church                                                                                                                                                                                 Depart Tanzania
  •  26     Monday                                                                                              Arrive Home
*     For a one day Safari to Tarangeri National Park, add about $175         **   For a two day Safari to Tarangeri and Ngorongoro Crater, add about $450        *** Longer stays can be arranged for either a Safari to Serengetti or more time to volunteer at Neema House.
To inquire further or to reserve your place on the climb, contact Michael Fortson, Neema House Kilimanjaro Climb Organizer,  (254) 541 4869.

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Neema Nine and the Shipping Container
I awoke to nine squealing, naked little bodies running around the house this morning!  Its never a dull moment at Neema House Arusha, our home for abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies.  Finally, its school day after a long Christmas break and we have four new Neemaites starting school today along with our five who have already been going to school.  They were all beyond excited.
The Neema Nine,our big three and four year olds, had had their baths early and were getting their school clothes on when I stepped outside our bedroom door at 6:30am.  My first thought was “I hope The Little Einstein School will be ready for this!!”
Frankie’s mom and grandmother have been staying with us at Neema for a few days.
They brought Frankie’s triplet sisters, Yacinta and Lucia, to Neema as well so the family has been getting reacquainted. Frankie’s family is Maasai and they are famous for their beautiful jewelry. I was curious to see if they slept in all that sparkling finery and surprise, yes, they do. They were sleeping on mats in the playroom when our little school squealers came running in and woke them up. Both grandmother and mother sat up, earrings dancing, with that “Where am I?” look as the naughty nine tumbled in and began jumping and yelling around their sleeping mats. With the weight of the jewelry Mama Frankie’s ears have fallen so she has taken a slip of skin from her head and wrapped it around her ear to hold it up!  Can you see it?
Frankie’s beautiful mom (on the left above) is a first wife out in her village, her husband had two wives but the second wife died in childbirth. Meshack, the baby of the second wife, after staying at Neema for eight months, was returned successfully to the Maasai village to live with his grandmother and has done quite well for a couple of years. But he has had TB and seizures recently so he has returned to Neema. He is one of the smartest little guys at Neema. He has only been back at Neema about 7 months. Coming from a village that did not speak Swahili much less English, he is now spouting English, Swahili and Maasai!   We are wanting to send this little boy to school. He will be a big help someday for his village where there are no schools. We think he is smart enough to become a doctor. So far Meshack, (below right) has no sponsors. 
We have two volunteers this month from Canada, Connie and Nyx. Saturday was Connie’s birthday so we bought ice cream and all the Neema kids got to eat ice cream and sang Happy Birthday to Connie, (left). Connie, a little teary eyed, said it was her best birthday ever.
 The Big News is that we opened the Shipping Container Saturday. It was like Christmas in January!!
We just could not believe all the things that were stacked to the ceiling in that shipment. From playground equipment, a warming table for newborns to post hole digger and even a trailer (Yes,Scott it made it!) We are so thankful to all the generous people who helped fill that container for us.  The treadle sewing machines for the women’s center made it too Sarah!
I was asked recently what was one thing I had learned in all this grand experiment called Neema and after thinking a moment I replied, “I have learned that people are basically good, no matter what the daily news would have you believe, most people want to help when they know there is a need.” We are continually blown away by your love and support for this most precious ministry.
Below are some of our awesome volunteers who came out to help unload the container.  Behind us is the new baby home going up on the left and the Montana Home behind the tree on the right.  Pretty exciting times at Neema!  That is Mt. Meru, the fifth tallest mountain in Africa rising up into the clouds in the background.  Remember climbing that Hannah and Dr. Kevin?
Camille and Tabitha Erdman came out to
help unload, too.  Camille, ever the student, had to know what a level was first.
 Do your remember the original “Neema Nine” picture below?  Only two of these nine babies are still with us, the others have been adopted or returned home to extended family members.  Praise God!  If you have volunteered at Neema see if you can pick out the two babies who are still with us.
(Its Angelous second from left and Angel third from the right.)
A new baby comes to us tonight, he weighs 1.65 kilos, about 3 pounds.  His name is Saruni and his mom died at his birth.   Please pray with us that God will save this young life and that we will be a blessing to  him.
Dorris and Michael

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A Full House

It has been a tremendously exciting year for Neema House Arusha, our home for abandoned, orphaned and at risk babies in Tanzania, East Africa.  In 2015 we received 21 new babies, we had five babies reunited with a family member and have had six adoptions this year!  Since we believe no baby belongs in an orphanage this is pretty exciting for us.  We have two new moms living in our house with their four babies all of whom were at risk of being hurt if they returned home when the hospital contacted Neema to ask for help. We reached our highest number of babies in house at 46 this year. By God’s Grace, Neema has helped a total of 88 babies since we opened our doors three and a half years ago.  With little ones from three weeks old to age 4 it is a full house!   We enjoy telling folks it is loud and messy and at times quite wonderful!

We began January 2015 with great optimism. God had blessed us in 2014 with funds to purchase 9.8 beautiful acres of land within the Arusha city limits in the Moivaro area and with funds enough to begin developing the property.
The on site directors of Neema,    Matt and Kelly Erdman, with their two daughters, Camille and Tabitha, traveled back to the states for their first furlough home since coming to Africa a year ago.
At the beginning of the year, we began the complicated process of developing building plans which would then have to be approved by village councils and apparently every government official from the garbage collectors to the high commissioners. But we were optimistic that by the end of January we would be ready to begin building. Then came the delays and more delays and waiting for building permits and more “not yets.” We were reminded again that we work in “The Land of Bado Kidogo” which means “not yet, a little bit.”
February was a good month for Neema, when our daughter Rebekah moved to Tanzania to live in the center and help as our medical director for the babies as well as the staff.
Also our daughter Kim and two Montana friends came to volunteer for two weeks. We began clearing and leveling the property in preparation for construction. In March a group of five men from Montana came for two weeks and began helping with the building of a fence around our property.
In April, more delays and government red tape continued to block the beginning of the building project. Dorris and Michael returned to the states April 15 without the start of a single building.
In May the container which was sent in February  from Nacogdoches and Temple Texas, arrived and was precariously set in place on the land. And we began digging the foundation for the Widow’s Home, because we had full funding for that home and we did not need further approval from the government. 
Rebekah had a serious compound fracture of her left ankle in May, and Michael returned to Tanzania to be with her through surgery in Moshi and to get her back home to Neema House.
Construction on the Widow’s home  (right) progressed.
On a visit to Montana for our grandson Tanner’s graduation, Christians from there presented us with a nice check and a promise of full funding for the “Montana House” all of which has now been raised and deposited into the Neema building fund.
June saw the influx of many volunteers, among whom were five Aggies for Christ and more of the Pape Family. Michael returned alone to Tanzania in June to help with volunteers and the beginning of the constructions. Dorris stayed home to work on empty rent houses, ugh! 
 A driller from Gillette, Wyoming, Trusty Mathson, came to try drilling for water on our property in June. After a week of drilling he stopped at 435 feet with no water. This was a big disappointment but in November Trusty returned and this time hit water at 95 feet!
We also drilled a dry hole out at Franki’s Maasai village. Another big disappointment for the women of that village who walk 4 to 5 miles a day for water as well as a disappointment for the kind folks in Colorado Springs and Nacogdoches who gave the money for the Masaai water well. But we have not given up. God is still good and we hope to try again in the future.
In July a group of five from Waco came to volunteer and help with construction. We began building the shop building at that time.
In August, after seven months of delay, we finally began laying out and digging the foundation for the new baby home.   Today it is up to the second floor!
We also laid the foundation for one of the four homes to be built for our older unadopted kids. Michael returned to the states to resume fund raising August 15.
With our fund raising side kick, Dr. Sue Hamby (in the middle left) from Temple TX we tell folks we will travel anywhere to speak about these beautiful babies. 
In September and October we visited universities and churches in the U.S. and had lots of lunches, dinners and even a few breakfasts with folks to tell the Neema story, recruit volunteers and find sponsors for the babies.
From the very beginning of Neema House in 2012, we were hooked with our first baby and knew then that we would spend every day for the rest of our lives asking God to help us get money for their formula, pay the monthly bills and buy building supplies. He has never failed us. We’re not professional fund raisers but we are pretty passionate about these babies!
Dorris and Michael, returned to Neema House in December to help with the work and to spend our first Christmas with the staff and babies of Neema.
The staff number has now reached forty at Neema and at the Christmas Party this year, all our staff received a great Christmas bonus of $100 accompanied with lots of dancing and trilling. We killed and cooked two goats to celebrate plus peeled a couple hundred potatoes for the party. 
Baraka, (right) our last little one of this year to fly the nest, who has been with us from his birth, finally was able to return home this month to live with his dad, who is a teacher. We will miss that sweet boy.
Even with all the ups and downs and the loss of one baby this year we know that God has been Faithful. We continue in the knowledge that this is all His work and we are but His helpers.
So just like one of our sweet volunteers, Karla Carrol had to say goodby to baby Sifa a few days ago we say goodbye to 2015 and wish you all a Happy New Year!
May God bless us everyone!