Setting the Record Straight

Over the last five years, Neema Village has cared for over 130 babies!! Currently there are 45 babies in the house. Below is a picture of our little crawlers having their morning bottle.

Astoundingly ninety one, 91, of our babies have been adopted, returned home or were cared for in their own homes through our outreach program. We think that is impressive! Think of it another way, we have been able to put 70% of our babies back into a family!!

There are a lot of orphanages in Africa and we are not one of them. You don’t have to tell me that orphanages are not the best way to care for children! I was raised in one. Neema Village is not an orphanage, we are a Faith based, Christ Centered rescue center! Our goal has never been to keep these babies.

Below are pictures of new babies at Neema. We need your help to care for these babies until we can safely get them back in their homes.

Baraka, pictured above, was born on 27th of May, His mother went to another region about a 10 hour drive from Arusha in Tanga to look for land so she could farm and make a living. While there she got pregnant and gave birth to Baraka. Unfortunately she got sick shortly after and passed away. Her family didn’t know anything about what happened, so the neighbors in Tanga took care of the baby. They searched for the family and found the brother of Baraka’s mom. When the uncle found out that his sister died and had a child, he decided to take the baby with him back to Arusha. He has a big family to take care of, two wives and six children. Some are the same age as Baraka. So, he feels he cannot take care of Baraka at this time. The uncle went to social welfare for help and they referred him to Neema Village.

Abbas was born on the fourth of September. He came to Neema weighing around 4lbs. His mother had a rough delivery and lost a lot of blood during his delivery. She was sent home but was not well. She went back to the hospital about a week later for a blood transfusion. Unfortunately her heart was failing and she passed away in the hospital. Neema was called by social welfare and we picked Abbas up at the hospital and brought him to Neema.

Joan was born on the 21st of May. She was abandoned by her mother who ran off with Joan’s two year old sibling. The father has filed a police report, and is having the police try to locate his wife and child. For now Joan is at Neema and is a very happy, healthy baby. The father is a good dad and comes to visit. We like that.

Update News!! Joan has been able to return home. Her grandmother from Moshi will be able to keep her. We loved her while we had her but are so glad she is back home with her family.

Majaliwa, above, came to Neema on September 10, 2017. He was one week old. He is very healthy, over seven lbs. (3.5 kg). His mother died during his birth.  He is the fifth sibling in his family. We hope to reunite him with his family when possible.

A baby who loses his mother in Africa has only a one in 10 chance of survival. When there is no electricity in the home, no clean water, no refrigeration, very little medical care and formula costs $16 per can many of these little motherless ones out in the villages will not make it without help. We stopped for lunch on a trip last week and these little guys came to watch. Yes, we fed them their first peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

We gave them some clothes we had in the car.

It can be a rough life in Africa for children and babies. It is our privilege to stand in the gap for these little ones.

But we cannot do it alone! We need your help to do this God Given work. We have made it so that almost anyone can sponsor a baby at Neema, it starts at $30 per month.

Of course that does not keep a baby at Neema. It costs us over $300 per month to keep a baby. That pays our Tanzanian nannies and workers salaries, food, formula, utilities, petrol, medical bills. It does not pay for buildings, land purchase nor director’s salaries.

We are a registered non profit both in the U.S. and Tanzania and in good standing with our auditors. We were voted the number one child care facility in this area last year.

As much as we love our babies we do not want to keep them. We want to get them back into a stable home and we work closely with Social Welfare to do that. They are precious, innocent children of God. Please choose one to sponsor, you will be happy you did!

Be Blessed!

Dorris and Michael