Sifa Means “Praise” in Swahili

Sifa Means “Praise” in Swahili
On July 11, 2015, this perfect baby girl was found abandoned at the big hospital in Arusha and Neema House was called to come pick up the baby.  We named her Sifa. 
A few months ago a young couple began coming to visit Neema House Arusha and noticed this beautiful baby.  Sifa was calm, pleasant, quick to smile, sweet tempered and with a gentle disposition.   The volunteers and staff all fell in love with her.  
Lindsey and Sifa  That is Lindsey on the left, a volunteer from Nacogdoches, with Sifa at the mountain church.  We love taking the babies to church, dressing them up and putting bows in their hair, if they have hair! and on their cute little bald heads if they don’t!
  The couple continued to come and visit Sifa and many times the young woman would spend all Sifa and new momday playing with her, changing diapers, dressing and feeding her.  So last week when Sifa went home to live with them she was not afraid.  We  are so happy about that.  Sometimes it works out this way, a few times babies are adopted by couples who don’t spend time with them.  That is pretty rough on the baby.    But Sifa’s new mom and dad did it right.  We could not be happier for this precious baby and her new family.  Once again what evil meant for bad, God meant for good.  
Sifa (Praise) Mungu (God)!
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