The Happy Place

Neema Village Image

Michael and Mr. Chandu inspect the new Chicken House above.

We were excited to return to Neema Village last week and find the gardens are growing, the cow is giving milk, the Mothering Center is being painted, the chicken coop is finished and the babies are getting big!

Neema Village Image

Bekah, Maria, the Volunteers and the babies on the way to church.

Yesterday we dressed seven of the babies up for church in cute dresses that we had brought in one of our nine suitcases this trip. A couple from Belton, Texas had donated 20 handmade dresses. They were so cute!

Neema Village Image

Nengai, Maria, Patricia, Destiny, Kristina, Sharon and Zawadi

With the recent rains everything is green and beautiful and we are eating fresh vegetables from the gardens.

Neema Village Image

Mo, one of our little abandoned fellows that we have had since his birth, is pretty excited about picking his first carrot which he got to wash and eat on the spot.

That is kale, above, growing next to the Blessing House. The nannies saute it with onions, grated carrots and butter from our cow. Mmmm delicious.

The baby home pictured above was built with cement blocks and a tin roof for $24 a sq foot, but still incredibly beautiful.

We continue to hear from surprised visitors that we are not your normal African orphanage. Yes, we are definitely not a “dirt floor orphanage.” The children are well dressed, fat and happy, the home is clean and there is laughter everywhere.

It is The Happy Place. Just ask our toddlers in the cute video link below.

Neema Village video on YouTube

Have a happy day!
Michael and Dorris